Here at Norquay Homes, we specialize in investing in undervalued properties and creating value by leveraging a variety of build designs across multiple zoning districts. Like all investing, the key is to buy low and sell high but in real estate you have the opportunity to take it one step further by creating and customizing […]

Custom Home

Buying a home in the lower mainland can be expensive. You can cut down on cost and add value to your home by buying land and building your own house. When you pick Norquay Homes, we’ll work with you to build a home that meets your financial and cashflow needs and is in a location […]

Laneway Homes

A laneway home is a separate detached home that is built behind the main home and has access to a back street. In Vancouver and some other municipalities, you are allowed to build a laneway home in single family zoned areas.┬áThis style of housing is becoming increasingly popular in the lower mainland and is a […]